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When Mikrotik is not enough…

I adore Mikrotiks. I could almost take them to bed with me. Well, at least they are close enough to ensure that the phone works as it should when lying in bed, since I do take it with me at least until my better half joins me…

However… Sadly Mikrotics are not familiar with advanced safety technologies, such as IDS/IPS, anti-virus scanning of http and https (yes, I can even check into SSL these days) protocol, web filtering and so on.

”So what!” you may say. Let me explain: if you will not introduce this system to your customers, their service and computers will be even more vulnerable to modern attacks. Cryptoviruses are a good example. Lately, I have been dealing with a lot of them.

If you are now thinking to yourself ‘what should I do?’, I have a solution for you. You will even earn money! Suggest to your customers an overview of their network. The overview will be free for them, while I will pay you 80 € net per every successfully reviewed customer. If you are registered for VAT, this means 80 € + VAT.

How does the overview look?

You and your client need to fill out the application on Write in ”Additional explanations” that you are an agent.

When you will fill out the application you will be assigned a date of the overview. Then I will lend you the FortiGate 100D device, that is already properly configured and  you will install it into your customer’s network as network switch – typically to the LAN port of an existing firewall. The device does not change the traffic, it only analyzes it and records potential problems.

Leave the device there for 5 to 7 days. After that you will receive a report of the overview, return the device and issue an invoice for me.

I will not communicate with your customers, but I can help you create a proper offer for them if they decide to change or upgrade their security equipment after the check-up.

I sincerely believe that it will be cheaper for the customer if he buys an adequate protection right now, rather than paying money to remedy the difficulties which are likely to otherwise arrive later.



Check its status with a free overview of your network.

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