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Business terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of online shop Virtua IT have been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), based on recommendations GZS and international code for e-commerce.

The online shop Virtua IT (hereinafter ‘the shop’) is operated by VIRTUA IT company, association for information technology, Ltd. (hereinafter ‘provider’).

General business terms and conditions discuss operating, user rights and business relationship between the provider and the customer.


The provider binds the customer to always provide the following information:
a) the identity of the company (name and seat of the company, register number),
b) the contact information which enable fast and efficient communication (e-mail, phone),
c) the main characteristics of goods and services,
d) the availability of products (every product or service offered on the web page should be available within a reasonable time),
e) ther terms of product delivery (the delivery method, place and date),
f) all prices must be clearly and ambiguously defined. It has to be displayed clearly if taxes and transport cost are already included in the price,
g) the payment and delivery method,
h) the duration of the offer,
i) due date within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and conditions for withdrawal; along with the information on the cost of returning the product,
j) an explanation of the appeal process, including all information on the contact person or on the department for customer service.


Products offered on the online shop Virtua IT are part of the company’s offer. The prices of the products are presented as retail prices and include VAT. However, the shipping costs are not included.


The provider enables the following payment methods:
• money transfer to the provider’s account after the issue of the invoice,
• collect on delivery,
• with a debit or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro),
• via Paypal,
• with Skrill credit card,
• z+with Bitcoin.

The provider issues a customer’s invoice on a durable medium, with a breakdown of costs and instructions on how to cancel the purchase and information on return of the products (if that is possible and necessary).

The purchase agreement (order) is electronically stored on the provider’s server and always available to the customer in his user profile (My account).


All prices include VAT, unless stated otherwise. Prices are valid in the time of the purchase and their validity in not predetermined.

The prices are valid in case of paying with the payment methods stated above.
The purchase agreement between the provider and the customer is concluded when the provider confirms the order (the customer receives an email confirmation). Since that moment all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both, the provider and the customer.


Coupon with a promotional code brings different benefits to the purchase and it is time-limited. Active promotional code is published by the provider in a way that corresponds to the purpose of his marketing campaign. The provider does not guarantee an available promotional code at every purchase.

How to apply the promotional code?

Promotional code is a word, entered by the customer at checkout. After clicking on the ‘Do you have a coupon? Click here to enter the code’ button, a window opens in a lower row. That is were you write the valid promotional code. Discount or a special benefit will be shown thereafter.


  1. Order accepted
    After placing an order the customer receives an email confirming the order. This is when the customer has the possibility of canceling it by sending an email to [email protected] with writing ‘CANCELLATION’ in the subject line.
  2. Order confirmed
    If the customer does not cancel the order it goes into further processing. When the seller overviews the order he checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms or rejects the order. The seller can call the customer on his phone number in order to verify the data or to ensure the delivery time. In the event of changing the delivery time the customer will be informed. If the customer is not willing to wait for the delivery, he can inform the provider, who will remove the item from the order and return the money. If the customer wishes to buy the rest of the ordered items, the provider will supply them or refund the entire payment. The provider does not accept liability for any damage caused by long delivery period or for non-delivery if the ordered items are not in stock.
  3. Dispatched order
    The seller prepares the goods within the agreed time, sends them off and informs the customer about the final stage.


On delivery of the ordered products Virtua IT Ltd. sends an invoice in paper form to the customer as well. In case of personally collecting the order, the customer receives a printed invoice for all the items that he bought when he picks them up and signs the delivery note. The invoice includes the price, all costs regarding the purchase, and a notice about the right to withdraw from the contract.

The customer is obliged to check the accuracy of information before placing an order. Later rejections to the accuracy of issued invoices will not be taken into account.



The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without having to state a reason, if he sends an e-mail to [email protected] in 14 days after collecting the goods.

Contracts with legal entities are final.

The only cost that the consumer will have to pay for when withdrawing from the contract is the shipping cost. The goods must be returned to the seller in 30 days after sending the email about withdrawing from the contract at the latest.

Received goods must be returned undamaged, unopened, and in the same amount. The only case in which it is acceptable that the goods are damaged, broken, lost or in reduced quantity, is if the damage was not consumer’s fault. Since the packaging is an integral part of the parcel, it has to be returned in its original condition as it was at the time of receiving the package (i.e. undamaged, unopened, and in the same amount).

Due to the extreme sensitivity of our products (their content as well as packaging), we recommend that in the case of the withdraw from the contract you act immediately. Our products are very sensitive to improper storage, so it can happen that the product, if improperly stored, can be damaged (scratches on the boxes etc.). When returning products with promotional codes those costs are considered as discount and are, in the case of refund, not returned (we refund the paid amount, that is returned to the bank account of the user).

The refund will be made as soon as possible, but in 30 days after receiving the email about the withdrawal from the contract at the latest. The money will be transmitted to the user’s bank account.

The return of the goods to the company within the due date is considered as a message of withdrawal.


Our products are under warranty if so stated on the warranty card or on the invoice. The warranty is valid when the customers follow the instructions on the warranty card and present the invoice. The warranty periods are listed on the warranty card on on the invoice.


The contracting partner for delivery is the Post of Slovenia (Pošta Slovenije), but Virtua IT reserves the right to choose another delivery service if it will help the order to complete more efficiently.

The shipping cost is calculated automatically at the end of the order and it is a part of the final cost. The shipping cost depends on the country of the delivery and it depends on the value of the ordered items. The shipping cost within Slovenia amounts to 3,90 euros (VAT included), while shipping to other European countries is 14,90 euros (VAT included). For online orders over 200 euros delivery within Slovenia is free.

The risk of loosing or damaging the dispatched goods passes from the provider to the customer when the package is in the hands of the customer or when the goods are in the third person’s hands (not including the carrier).


The provider uses appropriate technological and organizational services to protect the transmission and storage of personal data and payments. For these purposes the provider uses the 128-bit SSL certificate issued by an approved organization.

Credit card authorization is carried out within reasonable time, along with an immediate verification of data. Card details are not stred on the provider’s server.


The provider undertakes to permanently protect all personal user data.

The provider indefinitely saves keeps IP addresses of all the online shop visitors, whereas for registered members he stores their names, surnames, email addresses, phone numbers, primary addresses and delivery a addresses, countries of residence, time and date of the registration and the archive of their communication.

The provider will use personal data solely for the purpose of his business. User’s data will under no circumstance be handed to unauthorized persons.

The user is liable for the protection of his personal data as well, he has to ensure the safety of his user name and password and to has to have an appropriate software (antivirus) computer protection.


The provider will contact the user via means of remote communication, but only if the user will agree upon it.

Advertising e-mails will include the following information:

  • they will clearly and unambiguously be marked as advertisements,
  • the sender will be clearly stated,
  • various campaigns, promotions and other marketing strategies will be marked as such. The conditions of participation will be clearly stated as well.
  • the way to unsubscribe will be clearly shown,
  • the provider will specifically honor user’s wish to stop receiving advertising messages.


User opinions or their comments and reviews, written by buyers, are part of the shops’ functionality and are intended for user community. Opinions can be written by anyone who is a registered user of the online shop and are reviewed by the provider before the final publication. The provider will not publish opinions or contributions that are in any ways offensive and obscene or are not beneficial for other users and visitors.

By submitting an opinion or a comment the user explicitly agrees with the terms of use and allows the provider to publish a part or the whole text in all electronic and other media. The provider has the right to use the content indefinitely and for any purpose that is in his business interest, including publishing the content in advertisements or other marketing communications. The author of the comment simultaneously declares and ensures that he owns the material and moral copyrights, and at the same time transfers those rights non-exclusively and with unlimited duration to the provider.


The provider shall use his best efforts to ensure promptness and accuracy of information, published on his web pages. Nevertheless,  product characteristics, delivery or price can change so fast that the provider has no time to correct the information on web pages. In this case, the buyer will be informed about the changes and be enabled to cancel the order or replace the ordered item.

The provider is not responsible for the content of the opinions, written by visitors. The provider reviews the comments before publishing them and reject those that contain obvious falsehoods, are misleading, offensive or hurt his reputation. The provider is not responsible for information given in those comments and is exempt from any liability for the information in the comments.

Even though the provider tries to provide accurate pictures of products, all photos must be taken as symbolic. Photos do not guarantee the properties of the products.

The only way that the provider can withdraw from the contract with the customer is if a manifest error has been observed  (article 46 of the code of obligations). A manifest error is defined by essential features of the product and any mistakes that are usually perceived as decisive in traffic or customer’s purpose which wouldn’t be approved by the provider in the case of knowing about them. This includes wrongly calculated prices.

The provider reserves the right to modify the business terms and conditions at any time and in any manner, no matter the reason and without notice.


The provider respects the current consumer protection legislation. The provider tries his hardest to fulfill his duty to establish an effective system of treatment. An appeal can be submitted via email to [email protected]

Complaint procedure is confidential.

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