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Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks is a company that originates from the USA and deals with distribution of networks in companies. Their solutions and products simplify procedures and provide a safe access to business applications and services. This is possible regardless of the customer’s device, location or network.

Recently the company was bought by Hewlet Packard and now they are preforming on the market together.


Mobility controllers are designed for network infrastructures and provide flexible solutions for wireless LAN networks, wired security, connecting network branch offices and remote networking. Given the scope and the needs the companies can decide between three series of controllers:

  • Aruba 6000 mobility controller is designed for registered seats of companies and large educational institutions;
  • Aruba 3000 mobility controller series is designed for medium-sized and big companies;
  • Aruba 600 mobility controller series is designed for small branch offices.
  • Controllers and all access devices work on the operating system Aruba OS.

Aruba Access Points offer flexible use of wireless LAN environments. Since access points are connected to mobile controllers they do not require manual configuration. Their software updates itself and they are centrally managed.

Aruba Company has developed:

  • Headquarters and campus access points
  • Remote access points for a safe access from remote locations, especially for smaller branches and home offices;
  • Indoor and outdoor antennas designed for strengthening signals in various environments;
  • Legacy 802.11 a/b/g access points.

Aruba’s high-performance wireless mesh routers enable high-speed data transfers into the external environment in cases when wired connection is impractical or is not working.

AirWave wireless management suite software guarantees the operational efficiency of managing rapidly changing networks. The advantage of this software is that it monitors network events in real time, allows customized reporting, configuration of network infrastructure with the location of certain services and harmonizes reports.

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