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Fortinet – UTM devices for a secure environment

FortiGate – firewall of the new generation by the Fortinet company

To ensure effective control over the risks of business networking is the primary task of the information infrastructure of each company. The variety of devices and software solutions can make some feel embarrassed.

Fortinet devices UTM (Unified Threat management) are the answer to security requirements of companies and institutions of all industries and sizes.

Two key advantages of FortiGate devices are shown below. Both of them refer to the insight to what is going on in your network, since they offer extremely intuitive and precise overview. We can observe which applications run within the network security, network security intrusion attempts (right picture), what specific users are doing, which computers are most active, which OS is installed and so on.

We can use all this data to formulate rules, which allow or prevent access to certain resources in your network.

If you would like to check how FortiGate works, please contact us.

Free download

We invite you to protect your computer and download FortiClient software, which acts as an antivirus, web filter and vpn client.

Fully free of charge and without any time or other restrictions.

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