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HarePoint – SharePoint solutions

HarePoint is a dynamic company dedicated to developing very useful solutions for SharePoint. In order to make its online environment as effective and friendly to employees and business as possible, they developed:

  • support system for HelpPoint HelpDesk users;
  • online analytic tool HarePoint Analytics;
  • a package of automatized working processes HarePoint Workflow Extensions;
  • several other cornerstones that upgrade basic functions and SharePoint’s environment’s role.

HarePoint Helpdesk for SharePoint

Finally there is a simple, effective and ready-made system for customer support. HarePoint’s HelpDesk represents an answer to the quickly growing needs of enterprises for processing large numbers of support requests. It certainly will not let your customers wait.

Use of HarePoint HelpDeska

Its installation is quick and simple. It is ready to use immediately – when the installation is complete HelpDesk page template shows up, which we can use to create unlimited numbers of additional support pages, that are ready to configure and use.

HelpDesk provides for two types of users: ‘normal’ users (User) who correspond to the received requests and technicians who manage the system. Since HelpDesk is a web part it can be included in each and every segment of SharePoint’s online environment in the company, and it is always available to everyone.

How are claims made?

Claims from the field are gathering in HelpDesk in three ways: via email, via online cornerstones in SharePoint and manually via technicians after receiving phone calls or fax.

The content of the claims can be optionally designed, while the attaching of additional files that can be determined the allowed formats and size is also enabled. The knowledge base is building itself automatically according to user’s requests – frequent claims trigger answers that create by themselves.


The installation of triggers that send notifications when receiving requests from the field and subsequent events is already included in HelpDesk. Thus we have a complete overview of the new requests, replayed requests, solved issues, escalations, and allocations.

Messages received by users and technicians are fully adjustable. We can set triggers, message format, and the display of the data. We can also add graphic elements, such as company’s logo.

Assigning requests and responding

The system assigns requests to predetermined users and technicians according to the service or product which they refer to. If automatic sending is not possible then the request to solution is assigned by a technician.

Assigning provides support to service agreements, since it tracks the solution time and, if necessary, warns of the emergency of escalation.


What are we most interested in regarding subscriber support? Statistics: time and content request trends, the time of solving problems, response time, and the level of respecting service contracts.

HarePoint workflow extensions for SharePoint

Preforming of some of the company’s work processes is already supported in SharePoint with the help of the Workflow application. HarePoint’s WorkFlow Extensions brings to SharePoint more than 200 prepared automatized processes in all business areas for immediate use. This means that the temporary adaptation of the existing support applications for process support is not needed anymore. The same goes for programming new ones.

Most interesting WorkFlow Extension applications certainly include:

  • preparation of invoices and offers;
  • searching for data in databases;
  • converting InfoPath files into PDF;
  • sending tweets;
  • entering of changes into current company’s phone book.
The biggest package of automized processes for SharePoint on the market

WorkFlow Extensions processes are united into several action categories in relation to their content. Some are designed for notifying, development processes and working with Office documents, while others are dedicated to printing, monitoring the task implementation, and archiving. When buying, you can choose to purchase a complete set of process or you can decide to use the free ones and add optional payable processes in line with your current needs.

Use of HarePoint WorkFlow Extensions

The application is ready to use only after the first five minutes. Additional settings are not required. Employees see new processes with SharePoint right away, and their use does not require additional knowledge.

  • Integration of business processes in SharePoint with the current phone book on the company.
  • Supporting processes for handling the company’s business documentation.
  • Automatic creation of Office documents for various tasks.
  • Tight integration of business processes with the SharePoint environment.
  • Optimized user experience, performance and low server burden.
  • Acceptable input and high income.

HarePoint Content & Workflow Migrator for SharePoint

The perfect tool to quickly and easily migrate content between SharePoint’s websites, libraries and documentation systems. Completely error-free, of course. We can use the migrator to migrate content between upgrades and in cases of appropriate migrations between SharePoint environment with centralized infrastructure and ‘online’ SharePoint environments.

How does Migrator work?

Installing Migrator to the SharePoint server is not necessary. After the installation on work stations we select data, and mark the new desired SharePoint website with a library and specify the migration parameters. We can store all the content locally and make backups for it.

We can migrate the WorkFlow working processes in the same way as contents. We can transfer the entire multitude of processes that are currently in use with only a few clicks.

  • Copying and migrating data between all types of SharePoint environment.
  • Migration between different versions of SharePoint environments.
  • Support for the sharing of the WorkFlow working processes.
  • Installation anywhere.
  • After migrating additional content configuration is not necessary.
  • Friendly interface.

HarePoint Workflow Monitor

The number of active working processes that run simultaneously can quickly transform into uncontrollable numbers, especially in big companies. HarePoint WorkFlow Monitor was developed with the intention of having the chaotic multitude of processes under control.

How does Workflow Monitor work?

We install it on the SharePoint server. It allows us an immediate overview of all work processes in the SahrePoint environment and all elements included – that can be the whole farm, specific applications, collections of websites or individual pages. By filtering the displayed content we can select the finished processes and those with errors. We can also cancel or change processes that have been running for months or years.

  • Display of WorkFlow processes and elements included at all levels of the SharePoint envirnment.
  • Display of connections between processes and details in a single interface.
  • Simple searching of elements included in processes.
  • Creating lists of carried out activities with highlighted errors.
  • Analysis of the running of work process, production of statistical reports, and identification of bottlenecks.
  • Simple installation, reliable operation and a proven positive impact of the company’s productivity.

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