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Mikrotik is a company based in Riga, Latvia. It is famous for its genius products, called RouterBOARD (hardware) and RouterOS (software).


RouterOS is the operating system for desktop computers (PC’s) and some personal computers with embedded systems. If is different from the usual operational systems, such as Linux and Windows, because it is developed solely for the routing of network protocols and partly telemetry.


RouterBORD are computers with embedded systems that are developed specifically for the needs of operational system RouterOS. There is a whole bunch of different variations, which tend to have quite narrative codes. For example, the code RB-433AH means:

  • RB – RouterBoard;
  • 4 – fourth generation of devices;
  • 3 – three separate Ethernet cables;
  • 3 – three separate miniPCI cables, where we usually connect WiFi cards, but we can also connect something else;
  • A – additional memory – there’s is a basic version of RB-433;
  • H – faster processor than the one from the basic version.


RouterOS iand its hardware RouterBOARD are highly advanced products, available at a very low price. Their built-in functionalities are at the same level as the hardware which otherwise costs ten times or even a hundred times more in some cases. Let us mention just a few:

  • routing protocols: BGP, OSPF, RIP;
  • MPLS;
  • tunnels and access servers: PPPoE, PPTP, PPP, EoIP, IP over IP, IPSec;
  • autentification: built-in RADIUS server;
  • billing internet access: built-in HOT SPOT, roped up with RADIUS server + being able to pay via Paypal;
  • traffic shaping: simple queues, hierarchical trees;
  • optimized protocols for transmission over WiFi connections – they eliminate embedded restrictions on the distance between stations and optimize traffic with a combination of short packages and IP packet headers;
  • Statefull firewall, SNMP, transparent DNS and WWW proxy;
  • WDS, Mash, all protocols relating to WiFi.


Historically, the most important field of use is most certainly WiFi. This is where Mikrotik is most mentioned on all continents. The following applications prevail:

  • backbone network of WISP providers;
  • micro cells in WISP infrastructure;
  • HotSpot controllers (write us to [email protected] for our special offer of sets for hotels and conference centers;
  • links point–point (P2P).

Of course we do not only deal with applications listed above. Routers are expanding more and more, they act as the first firewall in the company or as an interface between individual locations.

Mikrotik is one of the rare (cheaper) routers, that can for example connect two locations through public internet network in such way that computers do not detect it and work as if all of them were in a single network (so-called bridging). Professionally put, it is about the connection on OSI 2 layer, carried out with the help of Ethernet over IP (EoIP) encapsulation of the entire Ethernet frames. By the way, Mikrotik is able to connect other Ethernet protocols as well (such as Appletalk).

The most common applications in this segment:

VPN concentrator;
integrating business units in different ways.

To purchase Mikrotik products visit our on-line shopping site or e-mail us to [email protected].

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