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Webcon BPS

WEBCON BPS for SharePoint is a purposive solution to support business processes. Through a simple user interface it enables the creation of forms and work flows with the possibility of connecting to back-office systems and data bases.

It is also available in Slovene and the free version WEBCON BPS Express offers full functionality.

Collection of business applications Business Process Suite (BPS) enables users complete integration and automation of processes, which leads to cost optimization.

WEBCON BPS was launched in 2006 in Poland and since then has become the leading company in the field of document management and business processes. In 2015 the company received the Microsoft award for the best SharePoint solution in 2015. Their partners are the leading Polish and foreign companies, such as Siemens Finance, Mitshubishi Electronics, Diners Club International and many others.

Why Webcon BPS?

With WEBCON BPS business documents are under control
  • Quick saving and clear document classification.
  • Advances OCR mechanism saves the documents in text format immediately.
  • The protection of document authenticity and author’s integrity with the help of digital document signing in several ways.
  • Newly arrived documents via email are automatically recorded, which ensures rapid classification and use.

WEBCON’s document work is very impressive. Saving is fast and classification is clear. The rest of the document management is improved as well.

With the help of the advanced OCR mechanism scanned documents are immediately saved in text for and classified based on codes that are assigned to each document.

As such automation of scanning enables fast document digitization of the entire company it is also necessary to protect the authenticity of the document and author’s integrity. That is taken care of by tools that enable digital document signing in several ways..

Excellent care is taken for newly arrived documents and those arriving via email, since the application records them on its own which enables fast classification and use.

WEBCON BPS enables graphical modelling of work processes
  • Fast and accurate definition of work processes with BPM (Business Process Modeling).
  • Simple and almost instantaneous subsequent process optimization.

(BPM – Business Process Modeling is a service present in many applications designed for companies, since it allows us to accurately define work processes without having to use a programming language.

WEBCON allows the user to quickly and accurately define individual work processes, so that employees do not have problems with creating or understanding work processes. All that is needed is to arrange icons that present individual steps in the working process.

Plenty of features that enable the user to accurately define individual steps and make the sorting of data easier have been added as well. What is more, the subsequent process optimization in very simple and almost instantaneous.

WEBCON BPS provide complete control even beyond the workplace
  • Simple observation of the progress andchecking tasks viamobile application WEBCON BPS 2015.
  • The possibility of creating elements BPS even beyond the workplace.

WEBCON BPS 2015 is a mobile application that enableschecking tasks , monitoring process in work process and so much more.

An important feature of the application is that it does not only enable the user to monitor but also offers the chance to create almost every BPS element.

Among the options it offers we can find the very convenient one of uploading the files directly from mobile devices to BPS. Advantages offered by the application can be seen especially when we are outside of workplace, when they help us with the distribution of tasks in the company without numerous phone calls. Therefore, WEBCON BPS 2015 mobile application is a useful tool when you are on holiday or during business trips.

WEBCON BPS enables analysis, compatible with other information systems as well
  • Qualitative analysis include internal and external data
  • Possibility of carrying out more detailed analysis.

WEBCON’s ability that is very important is analyzing of both, internal and external data. Such comprehensive analysis enable easier and more qualitative decision-making.

Designing graphic analysis is completely simple and offers us four possible chart types (pie, column, circular, and regular).

In addition, the graphs enable more detailed analysis As an example we can look at invoice issues. Among them we find out how many of them have been issued per week and which department has issued the most of them. It is very important that the graphs are in line with SharePoint, so that identical demonstration of the analysis even to those who are not using WEBCON can be shown.

WEBCON BPS enables automatic sending out of invoices
  • Processing invoices in a fast and easy way.
  • Automatic registration and distribution of documents, received via email makes the job of the accounting department much easier..

Since 2011 billing documents in physical form is no longer necessary, so sending invoices via internet became a legitimate and a very useful solution.

As WEBCON registers documents received via email automatically , so the received invoices sort themselves out correspondingly and the accounting department can consequently do its job quickly and efficiently.

Besides that, WEBCON takes care of other legal obligations and allows processing invoices with a very small amount of human labor..

WEBCON BPS is easy to use
  • Cost reduction of developing IT solutions.
  • Quick and simple introduction to new work processes without the help of technicians.

As already explained, BPS significally reduces business and development costs. There are many possible explanations: good work process organization, orderliness of documents and to that related company’s agility, as well as other functions offered by WEBCON.

An important reason is also simplicity, because BPS enables that multiple tasks, that were previously occupied by technicians are now in hands of every employee. That is why introduction of new work processes is quick and simple, without encrypting or introducing new software solutions.

WEBCON BPS enables easy task setting
  • Creating precisely defined tasks with only a few clicks.
  • Receiving notifications when given new assignments.

WEBCON allows the superior the possibility to set tasks to those is subordinate position in a very simple way.

Since the filtering of the documents is fast, we can create well-defined tasks for employees. The latter receive an email about the assignment, and can accept or decline it by one click only.

Receiving notifications about assigned tasks is especially welcoming for employees, who rarely get such tasks and their promptness in this field is limited.

WEBCON BPS saves us from overloading

A very convenient feature that goes hand in hand with the mobile application is notifying of employee’s absence or overload.

This function notifies all users about employee’s tasks when he is absent and records their subsequent distribution. This saves a lot of management personnel’s time when organizing work.

WEBCON BPS enables easy progress measuring

BPS enables setting deadlines for individual goals in the working process in such way that we can demand for the demonstration of the progress for the current and previous month of each project.

Such data is useful as key indicator of success, and can also be included in annual records.

Benefits of using WEBCON BPS


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