Virtua IT, d.o.o.
Kotnikova ulica 25
1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 590 91780
E: [email protected]

Terms and conditions


As a part of customer support related to Exchange and BES-hosting we provide:

  • proper functioning of available protocols and passing e-mails through internet via Exchange server to customers;
  • basic configuration of Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 via setting scripts, which are generated for each mailbox individually,
  • proper functioning – synching of BlackBerry devices with the corresponding mailbox, as intended by the provider,
  • proper functioning of online email access on,
  • proper functioning of the Anti-Spam Cloudmark system.

Thus the service of renting electronic mailboxes does not include:

  • copying data from other accounts or devices,
  • services of reconstructing data on deliberate or unintentional deletion or loss thereof,
  • configuration of other customer’s email on desktop or mobile devices.


The providor assumes the external management of devices and services with a single take-over within the frame defined by the contract.

Other devices and services that are not in this frame do not fall within this context, so consequently the provider is not obliged to carry them out.

General terms are in force since 1. 12. 2015

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