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Animacija napada na požarni zid v živo

Most attacks originate from the East

Information security is becoming more and more complicated. Even in environments, where there is no need to save money and information science has a budget intended for security as well, the decision of choosing which system or systems can be quite problematic. In addition, all progressive security solutions require qualified systematic engineers who occasionally review and optimize them. Otherwise investing in those solutions does not make sense, since default settings are never adequate.

That is why we offer:

Rental equipment for information security

We believe that renting is more reasonable than purchasing it because of the following reasons:

  • In small and medium-sized companies it is not worth while to educate special systemic engineers in the field of information security. When you will really need them there will not be any, while the rest of the time you will have too many of them, even if you will only have one.
  • Knowledge and experience gained in only one company are not as broad as those gained by our co-workers with working for different companies in different fields. Why wouldn’t you save time on mistakes that others made?
  • Dimensioning. You say that currently there is 30 of you. Okay, then the XY device will do. But if in two years there will be 80 of you, the device will not be enough anymore. It makes sense that your provider replaces the device within reasonable time. 
  • Preventive consultancy: if you rent the equipment you can expect, that seeing as we are the providers of this service we will not have the time to deal only with you. From the point of sincere human laziness we will try to set our systems in a way that we will not have any problems.The only way to achieve this goal is to provide you with systems that operate without disturbing your work, do not restrict you, and at the same time do not cause complications.

What can you expect of our service Information security as a service?

Različni protokoli v omrežju

Protocols arranged by the amount of transferred data

Depending on the size of your company, we will advise you on renting devices, offered in our information security service. This means that we will configure the device so that it will work in your environment and allow access on the beforehand agreement. Furthermore, we take care of optimal performance of this device, which includes updating its settings considering the state of security threats worldwide. For example, during the recent attacks of Cryptoviruses we have changed the settings of all our customers in order to prevent the usage of TOR protocol, which most Cryptoviruses use to transfer instructions and cryptic keys from the parent server (C &C server). So if this protocol is disabled the viruses are effectively disabled as well, even though you still receive them in your network. We  preform similar optimization work regularly and continuously.

Selection of devices for small and medium-sized companies
  • Fortigate 30E or FortiGate 50E
  • FortiMail – basic model VM00, for the smallest companies we offer it in shared rental model (Shared Hosting)
  • FortiWeb – for companies that use the internet to publish their internet applications or more complex websites, including on-line shops. FortiWeb defends against various attacks and at the same time works as an accelerator (Application delivery) and Load balancer, if you happen to have many services that process user requests. We are able to offer FortiWeb in shared rental model as well.
  • FortiDDOS – suitable for companies with high bandwidth internet connections and important web services. In the event of DDoS Attack it can recognize the patterns of the unwanted traffic and effectively defends against attacks even in the case of serious amounts of claims. It is important that we install FortiDDOS device in the network before the attacks take place, so that it can ‘learn’ the patterns of normal traffic before an attack occurs.
  • SIEM system – we use AlienVault, which is installed for all our customers or we can install it solely for your needs.We also support FortiSIEM system.


You can buy information security as a service for only 55 euros + VAT per month.

For environments with up to 30 users and internet speed up to 50 Mbps we recommend the FortiGate 30E device. The price of this service is 55 euros + VAT per month.

For environments with up to 50 users and internet speed up to 200 Mbps we reccomend the FortiGate 50E device, The price of this service is 64 euros + VAT per month. The system also supports multiple ISP providers.

Special offer?

You came to the right place. Until further notice we do not charge the expenses of connecting the device and the initial configuration. The expense is estimated and we agree with the customer that he covers it in the case of him wishing to part ways with us in less than two years proportional to the duration of the contract. That is similar to buying a mobile phone at your phone provider.

In addition, with each device you get a free protection for laptops (actually for computers of any kind, except servers), similar to antivirus but with additional VPN module and web filter, which works even if the computer is not connected to the LAN network. This means that 10 computers are without the cost of the annual update of the antivirus software.

Each FortiGate device can also control secure WiFi spots, which can be bought or long-term rented at our company.

How does information security work as a service?

Do you have any questions?
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