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IT outsourcing

IT Outsourcing: what is left to outsource?

The implementation of IT service outsourcing can indulge on three levels:

  • Strategic decisions on development of IT in the company,
  • Maintenance, expansion, installation of system and network services such as DNS and mail servers, BPS systems, CRM and network infrastructure (fixed and WiFi);
  • User guide (HelpDesk).

Our employees can take care of all three levels or only some of them.

When can IT outsourcing be beneficial for you?

Enterprises reach for it for the following reasons:

  • Cost reduction (you can foresee at least half the cost compared to the cost of an employee for the same work, which originates from a simple fact that it is difficult for a man to know all areas of the IT services, which can be controlled with a few associates from a specialized IT company),
  • Reserve during holidays and absence – enterprises which have one or two IT experts often seek partial support when co-workers are on holiday or absent. Throughout continuous cooperation we can assure that handover of tasks in those cases runs smoothly and at the same time the company does not need an extra employee, to whom during normal circumstances they can not guarantee full-time occupation,
  • Hiring an external company for one or more specific skills which do not need to be developed within the company. This is often about supporting mobile solutions,such as Blackberry BES server and IronPort.

What makes Virtua IT stand out?

There is a lot of IT technology. Therefore we must choose our favorites, since it is practically impossible to know all of them. We really believe that the following technologies that we offer are among the best. In these areas we educate ourselves the most while writing about them on our blog.

Security of IT systems

We understand the internet. Ipv4 and Ipv6. We know how applications, api calls, restful interface, SMTP, Mapi and active Sync work. We know RC4 encryption and try to avoid it massively. We are familiar with some of the good practices of managing information systems (IT governance). We also know what auditors look for and require.

On the other hand, we know many security solutions providers, from large and expensive (such as Fortigate, FortiWeb and FortiDDOS) to cheaper or even free ones (Untangle).

We are independent of principals and suggest only what we feel is most suitable for our customers.

Our advantage: we do not exaggerate with the size of devices (and consequently with their price). We try to find a size appropriate for our customers.


We are experts for WiFi. Not for Mikrotik, Ubiquity, Aruba Networks or Ruckus. Even though we work with the before mentioned, we are not dependent on them and are not led by their marketing actions. We are familiar with their advantages and some disadvantages.

We know how WiFi works and where it does not. We know how to estimate the quality and find disruptors. We know how to plan for the future, and not only for current needs.

Of course we are not limited only to WiFi. We establish wireless network, divide it into VLANs and protect it if necessary.

Mobility - Bring your own device (BYOD), and measuring customer's behaviour (WiFi presence)

Do yo struggle with many domestic devices? Would you like to intelligently integrate them into your WiFi network, but don’t know how to do so without hurting the IT support? We offer multiple solutions.

We also support login with social networks and measuring, directing and addressing customers or other guests with the help of WiFi and beacon technologies inside buildings, even without mobile phone signal.

We design and implement larger, more complex WiFi networks for hotels and large conference rooms. If necessary, we give equipment in the short-term or long-term lease.

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