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Configuration and maintenance of Mikrotik equipment

We have been working with Mikrotiks for a long time. We love them even though they makes us angry sometimes.

Why do we love Mikrotiks?

  • Because they have a clean user interface without too much burden from the past,
  • Because they know how to do practically everything that can be made on the second and third level of the OSI scheme,
  • They have good diagnostics,
  • Are also suitable for domestic use,
  • Have an amazing ratio between their price and what you get for this price

What do we think Mikrotik switches are most suitable for?

We recommend them for:

  • BGP switch – this is probably one of the cheapest solution in this field,
  • MPLS switch,
  • VPN concentrator – also know very exotic protocols,
  • Switches for small and medium-sized companies, and even for the big ones, if they do not have prejudices,
  • WiFi hotspot – the most flexible of all the equipment that we know of,
  • Domestic switch or VPN client for local offices,

Where can we help our customers?

We can help them with:

  • Choosing the right equipment,
  • Configuration of equipment,
  • Project documentation,
  • Acquisition of IP address blocks,
  • Equipment maintenance

Maintaining Mikrotk equipement

We assure preventive, curative and adaptive maintenance of equipment with various response times depending on customer’s needs.

We offer schooling for customers and occasionally organize certified Mikrotik courses.

How does out-sourcing of Mikrotik equipment work?

Outsourcing usually begins with us reviewing equipment and services, which we would take into maintenance (or maybe recreate from scratch) and place an offer for:

  • Taking it over into maintenance
  • Monthly maintenance and support

The second item is calculated from the following three parameters:

  • Responsiveness you need,
  • Estimated time for monthly maintenance for ensuring the same levels of services (preventive and curative maintenance),
  • Estimated time for customer support and possible changes on the equipment.

According to the extent of works we agree on a reasonable discount and use price list ZIT of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia 

as a base.

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