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Complex software solutions

We are huge advocates of using software that can be bought or rented and connect it with other software, which we maybe already have or can be bought or rented as well.

Unfortunately when doing business we can easily be put in situations when this is not possible, at least not entirely. In cases like these it is necessary to create a part of the functionality especially for a client.

We specialize in developing solutions in the following areas:

Support of business processes

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of paperless office and at the same time appreciate the advantages brought by the so-called workflow solutions or solutions for navigating working process. How and where can these solutions help us?

  • monitoring business processes, such as the validation of price lists, offers, invoices, contracts,…
  • project management – solutions can take care of timelines, validations of budgets, booking resources,and the like,
  • management purchasing, production, tracking packages, and the like.


Together with our programmers Virtua IT  can develop software support for monitoring these processes, and helps its customers with designing and surveying them.

The stream of the working process can be described with to types of diagrams:

  • sequence diagram and
  • state diagram.

Both types of processes can be carried out with programming.

For more information call 0590 91 780 or sent an email to prodaja(at)

Development of SharePoint Portals

At Virtua IT we realized that the secret of great IT projects hides in technology fusion, user experience and design. That is the reason that at the end of 2013 we joined Virtua IT and Hal interactive, where the two companies remained independent legal entities. Since then many projects have been carried out together. This brings us many benefits, especially when doing larger projects.

Seeing as we are the leading provider of integration and development of SharePonit Portals, the Virtue IT team mostly deals with technology, while Hal takes care of user experience and design as well as the implementation of responsive HTML5 interfaces.

SharePoint server is seen as a closed tool and can be adapted exclusively within the framework provided by tools for the so-called ‘power user’ users. We don’t get into development of widgets, event receivers and controls if not necessary. Experience has taught us that dealing with these technologies leads to the accumulation of development hours, for which no clients are willing to pay.

Therefore we are now collecting widgets that are already available or are developed by other (bigger) manufacturers of such components. We are also using the WebCom BSP solution to good effect, which makes SharePoint much more useful than it is by itself.

Development of MVC .net applications

We have been developing various dedicated applications for our customers. We tackle development wisely and with the use of appropriate technologies. We believe that the so-called RAD tools are reaching a period of maturity, which actually allows saving time during the development of applications. That is why we use tools which take as much advantage of it as possible. These are tools such as MVC 5.0 and Entity Framework in combination with Visual Studio 2013.

SharePoint – speed optimization

Slow working of the SharePoint severs can often be observed by our customers, which is sometimes a consequence of misconfiguration of the environment.

That’s why we decided to offer a package of speed optimization, which aims to accelerate the SharePoint server for at least 30%. Several times the acquisition of speed is considerably higher, sometimes it can even increase 10 times.

What can you expect of optimization service?

Our co-workers will review and arrange the following:

  • They will design the overview of the entire SharePoint frame and suggest an appropriate reconfiguration of Web applications and databases with SharePoint content (the customer will receive a recommendation with instructions how to proceed),
  • They will overview the SQL server and carry out speed optimizations on the basis of database, transaction files and server settings,
  • They will review SharePoint farm and make adjustments of common mistakes,
  • They will install the necessary ‘Warm up’ scripts, which will make sure that the first user does not have to wait for the entire SharePoint solution to translate and initialize itself.
  • They will warn you about any other problems with SharePoint environment, such as adequacy of backup strategies, hardware suitability, and the like.

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