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Modern wireless network


We understand that reliability and affordability are most important to our customers. They can buy the equipment or simply rent it.

Our advantage: we support different providers, suggest solutions most appropriate to our customers.


Wireless network in medium or large hotel

Lately one of the most important things that visitors think about when booking hotels is internet access – due to the change of behavioral patterns it is unacceptable if a hotel does not offer an efficient wireless connection.

Do you need help in that department? We install a reliable and affordable wireless network with the possibility of maintaining it weekly or monthly. You can buy or rent the equipment.

With our access point we offer you and your guests more than excellent internet connection up to 200 Mbit/s in the lobby and in every room.

Unified solution for smaller companies or for homes

For smaller companies we offer very affordable solutions, which still use the system of centralized control and settings management.

Smaller companies can also ensure independent network for their guests, centralized network administration and the like.

WiFi networks with Facebook login

We can also provide a solution that enables integrated Facebook login. Overall management and branding of the company can in that case be regulated via Facebook administration. This offers additional possibility of promoting your brand and increasing views of your Facebook page.

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Mobile wireless network for bus companies

For workers on the move we offer a solution, that connects to internet via 3G or 4G networks. In contrast to WiFi devices our solution supports a significantly higher number of users. We can also combine it with the before mentioned services, such as logging in with coupons.

Wifi networks with GuestNet 2.0 WiFi Portal login

In times of modern internet bookings, hotels are faced with interesting problems: a guest comes to the hotel with a booking that is already paid. And even though he gave all his data to the booking portal, including e-mail, hotel employees see only a limited set of data (without the e-mail).

This later on means that hotels can not notify their guests about some of their special offers, send them birthday wishes, and so on.

That is why we have prepared a special solution for hotels, where guests write down their e-mail addresses in the reception, and are in return given full internet speed.

Analysis of participant's activity for conference centers

The visitors of your events connect to your wireless network via their smartphones – why wouldn’t you make use of it and gain useful data?

The Expo Analytics system enables that, on the basis of your wireless network connection, you can monitor activities of people that come to your events. Thus you can keep track of course attendance and stall visits without unnecessary additional employees or card systems.

System can be installed in 24 hours and starts passively gathering data right away.

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