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Teracom kontroler TCW122B CM

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TCW122B-CM is a multifunctional device for remote environmental monitoring and control, designed to work in Ethernet networks. It can be managed by WEB interface, SNMP programs and user applications. The controller can be used as standalone device or as a part of data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

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TCW122B-CM has two relays with normally open and normally close contacts. The both relays can be activated locally – from status of monitored parameters or remotely – by WEB interface, SNMP managers and HTTP/XML API commands.

TCW122B-CM utilizes special schematic for long 1-Wire interface support, up to two temperature or temperature+humidity sensors can be connected. Along with ambient parameters, two analog voltages and status of two digital inputs can be monitored. For every parameter can be sent e-mail and/or SNMP trap for any alarm condition.

Dodatne informacije

Teža 0.045 kg
Število LAN priključkov

1 (10Mbit)

Digitalni vhod

2 ("logic level" and "dry contact" modes)

Analogni vhod

2 (0÷5VDC or 0÷100VDC, hardware switchable)


2 releja (NO and NC contacts)

Priključek za senzor

1 (1-Wire communication interface, which support up to 2 temperature sensors TST1XX or up to 2 temperature/humidity sensors TSH2xx)


SNMP v.1, SMTP, VLAN support


pošiljnje SNMP "traps", E-mail

Filtriranje po MAC naslovih



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