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At Virtua IT we constantly monitor trends in the field of information technology and choose with which principals we cooperate accordingly.

That is why we have been cooperating with Blackberry even before the formal establishment in 2005. Blackberry is a company which later on practically had a monopoly on the smartphones market in the business world. With time Blackberry has somewhat declined, and that is why we added Mobile Iron to our collection of principals, which is currently trading at the MDM solutions market.

Similarly we started working with the company Mikrotik, which produces low-cost yet highly technically innovative routers RouterBoard. They are better known for their operational system Router OS.

Mikrotik is still an excellent platform. Where it is not enough, we reach for more specialized ones. In the field of security that is Fortinet, a company with a wide range of products. However, there are many WiFi providers:

  • Ubiquity Networks,
  • Ruckus Wireless,
  • Aruba Networks (now HP Networks)

Microsoft SharePoint was our first choice when developing business systems. Now we think that it is time for open source systems, so consequently we are more and more inclined towards other solutions. We are still developing SharePoint, but only if it does not require software customization (which was often too painful) and if we can manage business processes in the frame of upgrading WebCon BSP, which continues to surprise us daily with its greatness.

Webcon BPS
Aruba Networks

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