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Recently, we were migrating a Windows Server 2008 R2 domain to SBS 2011. When we tried the SBS 2011 migration tool it started reporting “Error is found in DNS zone domain.local” and the following description: “Description: In DNS zone domain.local, your local server is not in the name server records. Migration will fail without fixing this issue. Go to for more details.“. We first checked our domain.local zone and both of our dns servers were added as a name server records. We then changed the type of the DNS updates to secure only. After that we ran the Migration tool and got the same error.
The only thing that helped was a complete rebuild of the _msdcs.domain.local zone on the DNS Server. You will first need to make a backup of your Active Directory DNS zones (the fastest way is a system state backup of the domain controller. We are using DPM 2010 so the system state backup was created in cca. 10 minutes). After you have the backup you should do the following:

1. Delete the _mscds.domain.local zone.

2. Create a new primary Active Directory integrated zone _msdcs.domain.local and set the DNS update to secure only

3. Run ipconfig /registerdns on your DNS server.

4. Restart the NETLogon service on your dns server. This will recreate all the entries in your _msdcs.doman.local zone.

After you recreated the _msdcs.domain.local zone you can try and re-scan your domain controller with the SBS 2011 migration tool. This should solve your problems and you are ready to start the migration.

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