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Hidden menus on blackberry phones

There are quiet a few hidden menus on your blackberry phone. I’ve compiled this list of the most commonly used hidden menus and functions on the blackberry phone.
To enter some of the menus you will need to press the ALT key and hold it while you type the shortcut for the menu.

Enterprise Activation (Options -> Advanced -> Enterprise Activation)

ALT+CNFG – Settings for Enterprise Activation. Hold ALT and type CNFG in the e-mail address field.

This is also useful when you want to slow sync your phone with your BES server. All you have to do is enter the hidden screen and adjust Wireless Synchronization to NO. Wait for 1 minute and then enter the hidden menu again and adjust the Wireless Synchronization to yes. This will start the process of slow synchronization. It will sync all your contacts, mail, calendar and tasks with your BES server.
Address Book

Go to Address Book -> options

ALT+VALD – Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies

ALT+RBLD – Force a data structure rebuild

The most important function is RSET (from the Option menu, type RSET without the ALT key)

RSET – will prompt to erase and reload your Address Book from the BES server

(make sure that your Outlook client has the latest entries in your Contacts folder. If you have the latest entries on your phone you will lose them because RSET deletes every contact from your phone address book and transfers the contacts from your Outlook client).


ALT+RBVS – view the web page source code


If you open up a calendar item and ALT+VIEW inside any calendar item you will get extra info about the Calendar event including the message ID which is useful for BES log troubleshooting.

Options menu (no need for ALT):

SYNC – enable Calendar slow sync

RSET – Will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the BES

RCFG – request BES configuration

SCFG – send device configuration

DCFG – get CICAL configuration

SUPD – enable detailed Calendar report for backup

SUPS – Disable detailed Calendar report for backup

SUPN – Disable Calendar report database

LUID – enable view by UID

SRSL – show reminder status log


If you press ALT+VIEW for messages you will get the RefID and FolderID for that particular message.

Search application

ALT + ADVM Search application Enabled Advanced Global Search

Home Screen

ALT(left) + shift(right) + del – Blackberry hard reset (the same as if you pull the battery while the phone is working).

Hope that you find this post helpful 🙂

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